Tips For Maintaining And Storing Your Boat

Tips For Maintaining And Storing Your Boat

Boats are really cool to drive. Racing up and down the water, bouncing on waves and even just sitting around catching some fish.  When we use our boats on the water we are free and connecting with nature.  When we are done playing with our boats however, we need to put them away.  This is why using a boat storage middleburg service will help keep your boat safe and in useable condition for the next time you hit the water.

Prepping your boat

Before storing your boat you will want to first prep it.  To prep your boat you will want to drain out any standing water, pull all of the plugs to ensure water can drain out of the boat and give it a good washing to remove any salt water or other substance that may be on the haul. 

From there you want to remove all the cushions, wipe down any spills that may stain or rust the boat and cover it with a tarp or other covering.  Once it is all prepped for storage place it on a sturdy boat trailer and move it to your storage facility.

Take photos

Before storing your boat anywhere make sure to take photos of its condition.  The weather, unforeseen issues and vandals can gain access to your boat and as a result do something they shouldn’t.  If this does happen, and it is rare, you will have the photos and other documentation needed to give your insurance company.

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Plan for repairs

If you do find damage or other imperfections that you want to take care of when storing your boat make sure to write them down and plan to repair them during the off season or right before you take the boat back out onto the water.  When you plan for repairs they can be done quicker and more efficiently at the start of the season.