Picking The Right Ladder For Your Needs

Picking The Right Ladder For Your Needs

When thinking of a ladder the last thing that comes to your mind is complexity.  In its simplest form a ladder is a straight piece of metal or wood that had rungs running up the middle.  People use the rungs to climb up and down.  With this simple description most people will come to believe that all ladders are the same.  However there are more complex scenarios to consider.


When dealing with water the most popular option are aluminum dock ladders. These ladders are strong, can resist water and are not slippery.  These ladders are lightweight, can be folded with some designs and are the most popular material for ladder construction.


When considering a ladder you want to look at design.  With a ladder you can have a straight up and down patter or you can have a pattern that goes on a slant. The adjustability of a ladder is also important.  If you need to be on a steep incline then one type of ladder will do or if you need height another design will fit all together.

aluminum dock ladders


The rungs of a ladder are also important.  If the rungs are flat then standing on them for an extended period of time will be beneficial.  However, if the rungs are rounded or have a different shape standing on them may not be wise for extended periods of time.


With most ladders the weight distribution factor isn’t too much of a concern.  If you are looking for a ladder for everyday usage and the standard weight of a person then the majority of commercial ladders will do.  However, if you are going to be doing more industrial work, using the ladders as part of a makeshift scaffolding system a heavier and more stable ladder may be needed.

Picking the right ladder for the right job will determine if someone gets hurt or if the job goes off without incident.  Do your research for the right ladder for the right job.